The Best Oyster Cookbooks for Seafood Lovers

Once you catch oyster fever, you can’t get enough of those delicious morsels: fried, stewed, steamed, sandwiched, or raw and topped with a perfect spoonful of flavor. You’ll order them in restaurants AND you’ll want to make them at home. Here are some of the best oyster cookbooks filled with recipes for preparing the bivalve.  In addition to tried and true titles you’ll find a few newbies that will soon become classics for oyster lovers.

Best Oyster Cookbooks

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More Oyster Recipes

The Best Oyster Cookbooks
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The Best Oyster Cookbooks
Oyster Obsession's selection of the very best oyster cookbooks for seafood lovers. From recent releases to classics, these are the must-have recipe collections for any oyster-phile's library or kitchen counter.
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Oyster Obsession
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