10 Easy Oyster Appetizers

easy oyster appetizers
Smoked Oyster Spread

Sure, you’ll find Smoked Oyster Spread in this collection of easy oyster appetizers. But why stop there when you can also make fun and simple oyster ceviche, shucked oyster roosters or a spicy granita?

Pork Rind Roosters from Vivian Howard. Instead of loading her oysters with horseradish and jalapeno on a saltine cracker, Howard uses pork rinds!

Cucumber Smoked Oyster Bites from Danielle at I Love Fermented Foods.

Gulf Oyster Ceviche from Gulf Coast Seafood. Think of this as superfast pickled oysters.

Smoked Oysters on the “Half-Shell.” The “shell” here is a potato chip! The easiest, most fun, oyster appetizer recipe EVER may have been developed at Sunset Magazine.

Smoked Oyster and Avocado Crackers from Mitts and Measures.

Citrus-Pickled Oysters on Toast from Dylan Fultineer. TIP: Don’t let that ingredient list put you off. Put the oysters in the brine and refrigerate up to three days ahead.

Oysters with Crab Salad from Delicious.com.au. Top freshly shucked oysters with a cool, refreshing Thai-flavored crab salad. Sooo yummy!

Cranberry-Jalapeño Granita from Laura Zapalowski via Cooking Light. Add a spoonful with a pinch of finely chopped mint to freshly shucked oysters.

Fire and Ice Oysters from Simply Delicious. A simple Tabasco granita turns raw oysters into mouthwatering little bites of frozen fire.

Oysters Moscow Shooters. Ice cold oysters topped with sparkling wine, a drop of lemon, black caviar, and cool sour cream are mouthwatering and sure to impress.

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